S3 Loft

Vercelli, Italy

Floor plan – Level 0

Floor plan – Level 1

Warehouse renovation

The project aim is the refurbishment of a industrial low building integrated in Vercelli urban contexts and its transformation in three different living units. The construction is a simple one-storey block 30 meters long with pitched roof with a maximum height of almost 6 meters. The main entrance is located on the short side, facing the interior court of a different plot.


Some structural modifcations were necessary in order to garantee the roof stability and to support the new mezzanine floor: steel coloumns carry a steel bean that runs along the entire building to give back solidity to the roof.

The three lofts have a similiar distribution. The entrance level, almost 70 sqm, is open space with living room and open kitchen and a bathroom with laundry room.

The mezzanine floor cover almost 2/3 of the surface: the iron stairs brings to a terrace open to the ground level, with a small office space; the master bedroom, with bathroom ensuite, instead is closed. The natural light is garantee by the existing big opening and the new skylights. High care was put on the material selection, choosing finishing linked to the industrial past of the building: rough concrete and natural iron, neutral colors in contrast with a strong color, one for each loft, that defines details such as the entrance door and furnitures: blue (ral5017), green (ral6032) and yellow (ral1017).